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Ensize has clients in many parts of the world. We are proud of what we do and put great effort into making Ensize and the EDOC system a leading edge brand for the development of people, team and organisations...

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"DISC profiling? what is it? well you need not look any further!

Michelle provided West Bromwich Albion's Commercial Department with a complete light-bulb moment in order for people to understand their behaviours.
The individuals that participated in the Ensize DISC profiling session raved about it and the feedback I received and what they gained from the experience was exceptional. I would 100% recommend you try this out for size, for you and your organisation...I am yellow with a tinge of red!"

Adrian Wright – Sales and Marketing Director at West Bromwich Albion Football Club


"By far the most valuable 90 minutes of my career so far were spent with Michelle from Ensize. Her personality and enthusiasm can’t help but rub off on you and the accuracy of the behaviour profiles was amazing. Michelle has helped me to look at both myself and my colleagues in a different way, ensuring that the right people work together in teams to deliver the best results. The work Michelle does is invaluable and I am a true believer that all organisations should undergo this sort of profiling with Michelle."


Head of Marketing at a Premiership Football Club


"Michelle and team at Ensize UK really know this stuff inside out.... We ran Ensize profiling across all our office and support teams within WWMD as part of a business process mapping project and the outputs were incredibly valuable for the business, managers and importantly team members as well.

We got a lot more engagement than expected from the teams... and whilst there were a few concerned faces at the start of the feedback sessions, by the end of each feedback loop there was nothing but praise for Michelle's insight and delivery of the analysis tools results.

What's also great about Ensize, is its not just any old DISC profiling tool, it has a unique 'driver' element to it as well some real insight into what makes people tick and hence how managers and the business as a whole can nurture and reward individual staff members."


Managing Director of WWMD

"I recently attended the launch of Ensize UK which was hosted by CEO Michelle. I have been a fan of DISC for many years. DISC has helped my peak performing Pharma sales teams develop productive relationships with a spectrum of customer difficult customers just different!
Michelle introduced us to 21 Century Ensize DISC profiling system which provides the fundamental value of DISC together with the underlying Motivators often operating at a hidden level.
My own profile was spot on and was like a "mirror" reflecting my inner values and drivers. Ensize takes DISC to the highest level of insight into what makes resourceful people tick in organisations. Undoubtedly this is the future.....NOW."

Brendan Young Lay Board Member at Worcestershire Primary Care Alliance Board 

"I have just completed the Ensize behaviour profile with Michelle. Being a natural sceptic, I was unsure of the benefit I would get from this programme.
The results were pretty amazing! I have a booklet which, much to the amusement of my family and friends, describes me down to the minutest detail!!
On a more professional note, I think that this analysis will greatly help me in my working life by changing my approach, when dealing with customers & my colleagues.
Apparently I'm an unusual chap with 100% red & yellow!! How about that!!
Thanks Michelle, it was a pleasure."

Andy (BDM adiTelecom)

"Since working with Michelle Aroq has simply become a better place to work (and it was great before). Everyone has greater insight into what drives them and how to better work with others - thanks to enlightening insights from everyone now using Ensize profiles. Furthermore Michelle's off-the-chart levels of enthusiasm and energy are totally infectious - leading to a company-wide can-do, positive mental attitude. I cannot recommend working with Michelle highly enough."

Richard Jackson, CEO Aroq.

"The Ensize tools have been extremely useful for us in driving people development initiatives in our client organizations across India and the Middle East. We have used the Puzzle DISC, Driving Forces and the Boomerang 360 Feedback tool and found them very effective. We look forward to a long term association with Ensize."

Tanveer Shaikh
Principal Consultant



"We are a recruiting company, our cooperation with Ensize and the EDOC system makes us able to screen our candidates before sending their profiles to companies on the search for new employees.

The system is easy to operate, and the analyses are very precise."

Thomas Uhrskov




"The EDOC system gives us the opportunity to support our clients with efficiency and develop a lasting relationship with them."

Valérie Reber-Adler

Chef d'entreprise - CEO




"Ensize and the EDOC toolbox have been a major part of lifting my consultancy business in to a new dimension. EDOC enables me to move C-level people into new insights that they had never experienced before. Managers are coming to new understandings of themselves and their organization. Many of my customers are so impressed that they have chosen to go through the process for all employees using the tools in the EDOC system. The productivity and quality has gone up remarkably and at the same time employees have experienced an increased feeling of well-being. Improved communication skills and stronger teams are also clear results. In my opinion, the knowledge that the Ensize system and EDOC toolbox delivers should be a part of the foundation in all companies’ organizations around the world.


That would make the world look totally different."

Ulrik Nerloee
Founder and CEO