Pay Per Assessment - PPA Prices

In todays world we are expected to be agile and deliver better and greater results every day. Business leaders expect more from people, teams and organizations, so we created EDOC ... Still some need time to adjust to make the change...

For you we are offering the EDOC VL/SA (Volume License / Service Agreement) option

This option will let you continue to work the way you always have worked. Purchase the assessment when you need it. This is the way most other companies in the psychometrics tools business work and is more or less the only sales model they offer.

This is how it works:

  • You access the system, select the assessment and invite the respondent(s)
  • When the respondent completes the assessment the cost will be added to your monthly invoice
  • You can use all the features and function in the EDOC system as described in At a glance
  • You can create an openlink and post it on your website or social media site to invite people to respond to the analysis. You will be invoice for every completed assessment.
  • You have access to all assessments shown in the chart below