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The Ensize certification training is intended for those of you who work in HR or with coaching, recruitment, consulting or company- and/or academy training. We offer a two day certification training to enable you to work efficiently and effectively with the Ensize tools Behavioral Style Assessment - Puzzle DISC and the Driving Force Assessment. You will also receive training in managing the key features and functions of the EDOC system.

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certification_ENGTo enroll for the certification training you have previously agreed to and signed an EDOC agreement. The certification training is the starting point for using the EDOC system and its tools included in your selected subscription. At the certification training class you will receive your personal system login details and use it throughout the training. We will provide you with our expertise and assist you to select the EDOC subscription that gives you the best value for your business as well as your local country training schedule for open certifications.

Cartification_engAfter completion of the two day training you will be able to create and organize company and department folders, send out invitations to respond to analysis and manage different types of analyses and reports in the system. You will also be able to create temporary groups, move analyses, create and share templates and much more. Bring your own laptop. Wireless networks will be available during the training sessions. Once you have signed up for an EDOC subscription and enrolled for certification training you will receive a link via email to respond to your personal Puzzle DISC / Driving Forces analysis. We appreciate that you complete the analysis before the training session as it is an essential part of the training content.


Certification agenda - day 1

  • Statistical concepts (reliability, validity, scales of measurement etc) linked to the analysis tools
  • The background of DISC – William Moulton Marston
  • How DISC works and how it can be used in different scenarios
  • Hard-to-interpret profiles – how to deal with them and give feedback
  • In addition to practical training, course material and a personal behavioural style analysis (Puzzle DISC) are also included
  • Practical review of the EDOC system’s functions

Certification agenda - day 2

  • Driving Forces and values
  • The background of Driving Forces – Eduard Spranger
  • Description of the Driving Forces motivational analysis and how it can be used in different scenarios
  • Combinatorial analysis (DISC and Driving Forces)
  • Advanced training, practical exercises and feedback
  • In addition to practical training, course material and a personal motivational analysis (Driving Forces) are also included


(An extra half-day can be added upon request, during which we study the Thermometer, Team Evaluator and Boomerang tools or Snapshot. Snapshot requires a half-day on it's own)

After completing the course you will from time to time receive offers of advanced courses and meetings that may contain:

  • System and tools updates and review sessions 
  • Statistical concepts (reliability, validity, scales of measurement etc) related to the analysis tools
  • Inner Driving Forces and Human Behaviour discussion and exercise sessions
  • Hard-to-interpret profiles discussions
  • Experience sharing sessions including Q&A
  • Advanced training, practical exercises and feedback
  • Product and tools training and updates
  • Handling EDOC reports and other kinds of reports
  • News, product and toolbox updates

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