A profitable investment

Sign up for a personal EDOC login and subscribe to use as many assessments as you want and need each month

Some suppliers make you pay for individual assessments that cost anything from £40 to £300 each. But not with Ensize. We offer you a personal login at a fixed monthly subscription price and you can use as many assessments as you need. We also offer an extensive selection of different tools and assessments, all included in your monthly subscription.

An analysis has no value in itself...
Even though many other suppliers claim that it does. The value of an analysis or survey lies in what you do with it! The price of an analysis should not hinder you in your endeavour to develop yourself or your staff/customers.

Your subscription includes unlimited use of ALL tools and assessments
You can use the tools and assessments as often and as much as you like. Ensize EDOC is open for you round the clock! You do not have to buy more points or assessments to keep working.

If you work in recruitment and choose to work with Ensize EDOC you can now offer all applicants a Puzzle DISC assessments. With Profile Builder you can create ideal profiles and search candidates more effectively. Profile Builder is an add-on product to your EDOC subscription.

Your subscription also includes many different analyses and tools. Add up what you use today from your current suppliers, compare this with Ensize’s monthly subscription fee and see how we compare... in most cases we offer a much better deal... not only on price but most importantly on the richness of our reports and the EDOC system with all its features and functions.

Different report profiles for different occasions – pick and choose as you wish

Make your reports a bit more personal. Ensize offers you several different templates in the same system. An Ensize report can be printed out as many times as you want, you can also select the items and topics you wish to include in each report and save it as a favourite template. All this and much more at NO extra cost.

A 100% cloud-based service – no installation required

We offer a fully web-based service. All you need is an internet connection and your personal login ID and password and you’re all set to go.

Respond to your assessment in over 30 different languages

The assessments can be answered in most major languages. Ensize is continuously working to make more language versions available.

The reports are available in up to 11 different languages

You can choose to save or print the reports in many different languages at no extra cost. Ensize is continuously working to make more language versions available.