Ensize Dynamic Online Center

Ensize Dynamic Online Center - EDOC is designed to deliver the tools you need to develop individuals, teams and drive your company’s organizational development

Let's start with a look into the future...

To succeed in todays global business you are expected to have:


Access to knowledge

... Since we have focused heavily on economic goals, we have missed how important it is to work with people and develop competence and skills..."

Knowledge of needs, preferences and behaviours

"To meet your employees demands and expectations and the leadership requirements for success you need to be proactive and agile and respond quickly to change and new demands..."

The ability to take advantage of talent - human capital
"If you expect your organization to be committed to business success you need to start with the most important part of your business – your people…’

Leaders who can attract talent that are innovative and have a vision
"You must define what you seek in your leaders so they fit into the organization - both in terms of skills and personality."


In the EDOC system you find tools that make it possible to provide measurable answers to many of the issues and challenges your organization faces. The intention behind all measurements is to provide feedback. Feedback makes it possible for the individual, the team and the entire organization to improve their performance. If you measure the right things, the result can tell you where you stand, how you are doing and where you are heading...


You can't manage what you don't measure...               Dr W. Edwards Deming