A profitable investment   Did you know that many companies and organizations keep doing the same thing over and over again because it's inside their comfort zone?

Welcome to a new world - a paradigm shift - and explore real opportunities to develop people and drive business success...


The Ensize certification training is intended for those of you who work in HR or with coaching, recruitment, consulting or company- and/or academy training.


DISC is a language that facilitates communication and collaboration between people.

About Ensize

Ensize has developed and owns the rights to the unique analysis platform, Ensize Dynamic Online Center - EDOC

Ensize is a Swedish analysis company, founded in 1992 and working in the international marketplace. The company has cutting-edge expertise in leadership, organisation, sales and human behaviour.

We provide analytical and measuring tools for long-term change and development work within talent, leadership, organisation and human behaviour. 

Our work involves close co-operation with psychologists, behavioural scientists and business developers with many years experience in the field of change and development. 

Many of our customers are consultants working in fields such as sales training, management, skills development and recruitment as well as companies and organizations that manage their own in-house change and development activities.